October 18, 2015

Hearing Loss Guide

Hearing Loss Guide

Useful Information and Advice for Patients and Families
by Lippy Group audiologist John M. Burkey

“This is a great and needful perspective in addressing an issue so prevalent and debilitating. This book will empower its readers to seek and find the help that could really make a difference in their lives.”—Robert L. Daniels, M.D., F.A.C.S., from the Foreword

“A state-of-the-art guide to hearing loss and treatment that uniquely combines comprehensive, expert information with the authentic voices of people with hearing loss.” —David G. Myers, author of A Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss

“Burkey’s guide fills an important niche in health-care literature.”―Whitney Scott, Booklist
“Well-written and easy to read, The Hearing-Loss Guide helps individuals with hearing loss and their communication partners navigate the challenging process of living successfully with hearing loss.”—Kathleen M. Cienkowski, Ph.D. CCC/A, Program Director of Audiology, University of Connecticut

“A fine introduction to the subject for new patients and their families. The book should be included in every public library and audiology practice.” –Janet McKenna, Rochester Chapter, Hearing Loss Association of America

“Truly lives up to its title and is very strongly recommended for non-specialist general readers confronting hearing loss, for family members and friends, and for others who work alongside or care for a person with a hearing impairment.” ―John Burroughs, Reviewer’s Bookwatch

Although millions of people could use good advice about hearing loss, it turns out that asking can be difficult. And, accurate advice is hard to come by. This book directly addresses the problem: it provides useful, first-hand advice from people who have experienced hearing loss themselves, along with accurate treatment information from an experienced audiologist.

Prompted to write this book by a patient who felt the reality of hearing loss and its associated problems could only be truly understood by someone with personal experience, Lippy Group audiologist John M. Burkey gathered information from his own patients and their spouses. The Hearing Loss Guide presents their candid recommendations for anyone who suffers a hearing loss, as well as families, friends, and coworkers.

The author opens with chapters on the basics of hearing loss, hearing aids, other devices, and treatments. He then turns to his patients, who discuss coping with hearing loss, the real-life consequences of losing hearing, how to get help, adapting to hearing aids, and other useful topics. Family members also offer valuable advice.

The Hearing Loss Guide: Useful Information and Advice for Patients and Families is available from:

Yale University Press